Abstract/Biosketch Instructions and Upload Form

All speakers and poster presenters must provide a one page abstract that includes the following information, using the abstract template that is provided:

  1. Photo ( jpeg)
  2. Abstract of presentation or poster
  3. Brief biosketch

Please refer to the sample abstract to ensure the submission is in the same format. The Presentation information (such as Keynote, Plenary, session or poster) should be left blank, as should the date/time information. This will be filled in by the Conference Organizing Committee.

Abstracts should be in WORD format only. No pdf files, please. Abstracts and biosketches should be 250 words each and together should fit on one page. This is to allow conference organizers to add the session and time to the abstract prior to the conference. Authors should use the following naming convention for the file: <last name_BSEC2013_abstract.doc(docx)>. Authors who are submitting more than one abstract for any reason should use sequential numbering for each subsequent file. For example <lastname_BSEC2013_abstract1.docx>, <lastname_BSEC2013_abstract2.docx>, etc.

After filling out the required information below, use the upload button to submit the file. You should receive a confirmation that the file was successfully uploaded.

NOTE: All abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings. The last date for uploading the abstracts is March 15, 2013; however, it is important to provide this information as soon as possible, so the abstracts can also be linked to the program agenda on the website.

Abstract Registration Closed!